Edit Your Picture with Adobe Photosop Express Application

Most of you would have known Adobe Photosop. Yes this is the application of image editing and animation are quite popular in the Personal Computer (PC). And to bring the service to mobile users, there is now Photosop Express for Android that you could download it for free from the android market.

Mainly it's same with Photosop PC version that Adobe Photosop Express Aplication could edit the picture even it in a smaller picture version because of the Android limit hardware. Photosop Express could give you simple edit Picture like cut, rotation or color adjusment., eye catching and gave the picture effect. not only for picture edit, Photosop Express also give you accses to syncronize the result to Facebook and TwitPic in the same time. and if your connection is slow, this application will automatically download the smaller file.

maybe what that Adobe Photosop Express give is standard to use in every picture edit application, but with Adobe reputation, Adobe Photosop Express could give you more confident in mobile Office.

This Application require MIcroSD for saving the file. you can get the application in BlackBerry App World with only 258 kb size, this freeware support for Blackberry OS 4.6.0 version above.

1. after you instal  the Photosop Express Application, you should create account at Adobe ID.
2. with your ID, you will be given a link/address for sharing album, like Cloud Storage Concept.
3. after verification your ID with Email, you can start use Adobe Photosop Express with input your Id/Username and your Password
4. Setting Option for auto upload and syncronize with Facebook and Twitter
5.You can collect you picture from your Handphone or from your Photosop.com

Sign Up in Photosop.com Here