10 Android Application for April Mop

For some people, especially those living in western countries often hold a celebration of April Fools' Day. In the event that falls on the 1st of April was a lot of people to surprise a friend or relative. But not a gift, but silly things or expense. In fact, sometimes false news, which of course is still in the context of a joke.

Obtained from several sources about 10 applications that can be used to show off as April Fools' Day. The applications running on the Android platform and the IOS, where there are paid and not a few are free. Starting from the application of smart, silly and childish, which made ​​fun joke to your friends and family.

The following is a list of 10 applications under the joke of interest:

1. Solar Charger (Free)
To show your phone can get power from the sun. But, just a mere sham.

2. Fake-A-Call (0.99 USD)
Not much different from similar applications in other platforms including Symbian, this application allows you to receive phone calls false, which can be setup as you wish.

3. April Fools Ideas (free)
This application provides at least 70 pieces of ideas for April Fool's joke on.

4. Animal Translator (free)
When you use it, as if the phone you are able to translate the language of animals into our language. In short we be able to understand the language of animals.

5. Blue Screen of Death Trick (Free)
Later on your iPhone display like being crash (error).

6. Ghost Detector (free)
This application can detect the presence of ghosts. Applications that appear on the radar screen Android smartphone will detect the scope of your surrounding.

7. Ghost Capture (0.99 USD)
IPhone camera lets you capture a ghost. Of course, limited to merely speculative.

8. Do not Touch My Droid! (free)
Application that acts as a safety alarm your Android phone. When enabled the phone will issue a sound when the device is touched / held hands of ignorant.

9. droidFart (free)
Applications that can fart noises similar. The result could be a material expense to tease a friend, with the sound 'weird' is.

10. Hearing Test: Prank Box (0.99 USD)
Being able to raise a loud voice, to make a surprise another friend.