Samsung Google Phone "Nexus S"

This is the smartphone that was asked as the successor of Google phones. If previously Google worked with HTC to produce The first Google phones Nexus, this time Google entrust to Samsung to make Google official smartphones, Samsung Nexus S.

With Dimensions 12:39 x 6.3 x 1:09 cm​​, weight 129 grams, oleophobic surface on the screen, flexible plastic battery cover section.
Nexus S use basic formations similar to the Galaxy S. Only corners section Nexus S is more rounded.
Interestingly, the face of the Nexus S using a concave mirror at the screen that makes it look more ergonomic than the Galaxy S.
Bumps on the back-down on the Galaxy S is still visible on the Nexus S.

SC-capacitive touch screen LCD, the Contour Display with concave glass, 16 million colors, 4 inch, 480x800 pixels, Multi-touch
Just as in the Galaxy SL, SC screen LCD's Nexus-S display images with good contrast.
This screen is also classified as very good in responding to any touch input.
Curved contour in the surface of the screen provide the sensation of its own that has never been found before, especially when doing swipe for scrolling from top to bottom or vice versa.
Rating: 4.5

Samsung Gio GTS5660 For Young Subject

Since the presence of Gio, samsung Galaxy family more complete with it. Like Galaxy Ace aimed at young business people, Galaxy Fit to womanhood active and Galaxy Mini for your 'Fun', so Gio is intended for those who thirst for entertainment.
At least that's what Samsung has to say. Although in reality, these products are not differentiated clearly even tend uniform. Android equally reinforced with the same innate features and look no different. Except in the design and hardware complement course.


Dominated by the iPhone-style touch screen on the front, leaving the back cover and side trim to distinguish one product with another. Gio gets lucky positive genes, the article either writing or backcover looks classy. Where "list" side plated with matte metal, while the back cover is adorned with a porous texture.

In the default condition, "Gio" display screen can already satisfy. Typical of Samsung products. Comparison of diagonal screen with any resolution there is nothing to debate. Not too small, so it is still possible big fingers to type fast

Xperia Neo

AFTER launching its first premium mobile phone in 2011, Arc Xperia, Sony Ericsson is ready to back hit the market with a smart phone that is not less impressive, Xperia Neo.

Vivaz as the next generation, the Neo does have a design very similar to the phone is quite popular 2010. However, Neo with 3.7-inch screen, Neo has a slightly larger than Vivaz which has 3.2-inch screen. Larger screen is very helpful for the user in operating the touch screen to minimize errors in the push button.

With dimensions of 116x57x13 mm and weighs 126 grams, and the designs that follow the curve of the hand, make the Neo is very comfortable to grip while its size is quite large.

Like the Arc, Neo brings new Android operating system 2.3 or Gingerbread and rely on Qualcomm Snap dragon processor 8255 1GHz as as the engine .

The main features are the main attraction of course Neo is a high resolution 8.1 megapixel camera. Not only presents an excellent image quality, Neo also features a number of supporting features that make the experience more enjoyable picture.

Capture One is Touch that allows users to take pictures with just one touch of the screen. Users can also instantly share photos with friends via email or social networking site Facebook.

Another feature that can be enjoyed by users are Timescape updates featuring multiple messages, ranging from emails, text messages until the status of social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Users can place one widget Timescape on Neo home screen so they could check all the updates without having to open many applications.

Symbian 5th Edition Video converter

Do you have a 5th edition symbian phones like N97, 5530, 5230, 5800 XpressMusic, or any other new series? Touchscreen phone made by Nokia it does have advantages in terms of entertainment. Not only the quality of the audio player that qualified, but also the ability of the video player decent thumbs up.

If you have a lot of favorite videos or movies stored on your computer, love it if thrown away. You still can convert it and enjoy back in the fifth generation symbian phone screen.
These tips can be run with the assumption that you will use RealPlayer as the player, and videos are presented to the MPEG-4 format with AAC audio formats.

What you need:
Of course you need a video that will be converted as the main raw material tips this time. You also need a computer with sufficient hard disk storage space. As a software conversion, SJP4U try a video software encoder called SUPER. Type of freeware or free software can be downloaded at the address

SUPER Settings

Tips Improving BlackBerry Performance

Naturally, if the BlackBerry user's hang some of affairs to his smartphone. Starting from the function of communication that become the basic functions of mobile phone, edit office documents, multimedia entertainment, to business management which is usually a task schedule personal assistant, all could be entrusted to the smartphone.

Blackberry Pearl 8120
But like a computer, there are times when the performance of the BlackBerry decline occurred even hang. If it were so it feels a powerful BlackBerry phone was not very useful.

BlackBerry performance degradation can be caused by the depletion of storage space in memory or RAM. To improve performance of the BlackBerry that you used, SJP4U summarizes some tips for you.

Remove rarely used applications

BlackBerry users often install applications from appworld and use only a few times. When the application is not used too often forgotten not even removed from the BlackBerry.
In addition to third-party applications, there is also the default application that is not so useful, such as the BlackBerry built-in games which, according not  interesting at all. or  Help application,which rare to use because it is more often rely on the Internet to solve the problems surrounding the BlackBerry. These applications are consuming storage space on the memory that is allocated to applications and the number is limited.

To reduce the number and remove applications that are rarely or never use of the BlackBerry, you can access the Settings> Options> Applications. The screen will display a variety of applications that are installed on the BlackBerry, then select the application to be deleted by pressing the trackball or trackpad, and select Delete. You can also delete the application by pressing the menu key (the BlackBerry logo) and select Delete when located in the main menu.
To remove the default applications like games or help, change the option to be third party add-on.