It's no secret if one source of income is the blog visitors had a unique IP address or visitors from abroad. every country has a unique IP address having an effect on earnings eCPM our blog, which indirectly affect our revenue from the blog. and usually, visitors from abroad only want to visit a blog with high PR and indexed by search engine or through their blogs dofollow blogs and of course using an international language. The question is, how our blog can be known by visitors from abroad when our blog PR is still not indexed by search engines? The answer is Yousaytoo

How to Start Your Online Business

As many of us already know, business in this era is no need for a direct meeting between producers and consumers. other than using an intermediary, we can also use the Internet media to support our business. We can make submissions to sell directly to konsumen.Keuntungan of business in this way is in terms of time and cost. Time and cost are the two things that can not be separated in their business. because the more time we used, the more cost that will be used. so, indirectly internet media can summarize the time and cost of transactions between producers and consumers, which means benefits to both parties.

important things we have to prepare in building an online business are:

Spam = Promote = WRONG ANSWER

like a lot of us know, if spam is a kind of "garbage" that was sent by an individual site or simply to promote the site or just a fad from the manufacturer. most of us are also very disturbed when we received a lot of spam emails because our mailing activity will be felt "heavy" and would be very disturbing. Many also Spam sent to the email / website we form a hidden script in a comment. spam of this kind should we watch out for not impossible spam contains a virus that would interfere with our computer. Usually the person / site who create spam are individuals / sites desperate and very much hope from what they disclose (spamming). not least the contents of which are also deceiving and do not have benefits. Our mistake in the campaign can also be considered spamming by our prospective customers.

Tips n Trik increase your earning on Triond and Shooving

For this time SJP4U will discuss how to increase visitors to the article that we make on both sites.

There are several ways to increase visitors to the article that we make.

  1. Make it interesting articles and general in search of people a lot with spelling sentences that are easy to be understood by others. Article we make actually need long guns. is important we make with a good grammar and spelling. a recipe was actually being able to become a good article if we pack it with a clear and understandable crowd. .

One more place to convert your article to dollar

'Shvoong' is a summary of world-class center, offers a wide variety of summaries in 34 languages. Our goal is to summarize all that is ever written in human history in the humanities and scientific research, so that gives you the essence of human knowledge. All summaries are written by our users, citizens of the world that not only transmit their knowledge to everyone, but also earn royalties from their work. This site is not intended to replace the real thing-the book and the results of the study, with summaries, but serves as a tool that helps you swim in a sea of information, separating the chaff from the grain

Come, read and enjoy! And in the same time, lets, write and earn!.

the inscription above i copy from the sites..

Triond where's your writing, idea and article convert into dollars

There are several sites that offer the author or uploader amateurs like us to be able to write a work or news with the dollar-per-view fee. mean, we are required to write anything (articles, short stories etc) on the site and published on the website, then we get paid per view of our work / per visit (if not mistaken). one site is this is how it works (ane translate from their site).
Using Triond easy:

1. You create original and unique content in any format.

2. We publish your content on the most relevant websites according to topic.

3. You get more recognition and more readers are also building a portfolio and generate revenue.

It's simple, you're making, we publish, you peroleh.Membuat Your Content Whether you write, photograph, record or write, you can send your creations to Triond. We accept all original content on any topic, including articles written, images, audio, and video. No matter how you created it, we can menerbitkannya.Dapatkan Online Publications Once your content is submitted and approved, we will publish it on a site in our publishing network that best matches your topic and target audience. Our network includes websites with niche topics ranging from poetry and literature, business, sports, travel health, and health, and more. You can easily track all your item published in your Triond account. You can even personalize your profile page to turn it into a portfolio, which compete with sharable unique apapun.Pembaca blog, Confessions, and Revenue There are a number of technical and financial challenges faced by individuals when trying to make their valuable online publications. With Triond, you can only focus on what you do best - create! We handle, technical marketing, operational and financial details so you do not need. Triond help display your content so that the maximum of your work and your readers will gain recognition. Once your content is published, he began to generate revenue from multiple revenue sources, such as display and contextual ads that appear on your content pages. We share with you 50% of the revenue generated by your content. Payments are made every month on 15/bulan to your income has been raised until the end of the previous month. You can receive your payment by PayPal, check or Western Union Money transfer.

see? simple right ..?SJP4U will disccouse about it latter. because I also still try similar sites like this. direct let n touch all sites-like this.